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Why Choose Us

You Can Play! We Guarantee It!

Creating music is one of life´s greatest joys. For over 30 years, we have been providing piano and organ lessons for students ages 4 to 94! We believe that children who study piano are better equipped mentally for their challenges in school and other activities. Adults who learn to play the piano or organ simply live happier. In fact, the adult student population is the fastest growing student group in the country. We believe that making music for the recreational adult hobbyist should be both fun and relaxing. Making music enriches our quality of life.

So, why take lessons with us?

  • We specialize in making the learning process fun and stress-free
  • We hire talented, inspiring instructors who enjoy teaching and look forward to seeing students each week
  • Semi-annual Piano Celebrations provide relaxed performance opportunities
  • Focus on creativity, inspiration, and fun
  • Our students love us! Check out our testimonials page for just a small sample of the great things our students have to say

We are honored that you are interested in learning more about our music programs, and we´re excited about the possibility of working with you and your family. We are always happy to answer any questions about lessons - just let us know how we can help you!

Our Teachers

Our teaching philosophy is the same as our website address: “Every Life Needs Music”, and it is our mission to make that come true for as many as possible in our respective communities.

We believe that playing the piano is a skill that anyone can develop, and we have a wonderful team of teachers who are dedicated to providing quality lessons to each and every student that registers for our programs. Our teachers come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds and experiences, but they all share a passion and enthusiasm for music, and love sharing that passion with others.

Our teachers understand their role is to inspire and guide, and our goal is to help all our students enhance their joy and understanding of music for the rest of their lives.

Matt & Debra Perez, Owners

The Piano Gallery

Valerie McInroy - Education Director
Karen Talley
Tamara Wilson
Rebekah Patton
Casey Marquette
Theresa Gayle
Karen Shirer

Valley Keyboards

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“It has been a joy meeting new friends. I love all the teachers.” - Ike

“Learning to play the piano as an adult keeps my mind active. I love my teacher because she plans excellent lessons and always supports the class.” - Joy

“The piano has been an instrument that allows for me to relax and transports me into a world of enjoyment and accomplishment.” - Helen

”Playing the piano gives me direction and something to look forward to. I love being able to feed off the energy in the class.” - Natasha

“The class has a fun atmosphere. It makes it easy to learn and enjoy.” - Brittany


“I have one hour every week to relax with piano playing. That is the one hour I look forward to most each week.” - Tracy

“What I enjoy most is that our class and teacher are close, and it's a definite stress reliever!” - Gene

“I can't believe I am playing the piano, it is wonderful. Music makes me smile and always changes a bad mood. I truly enjoy learning…” - Pamela

“A dream come true! I had always wanted to play and now I do! When I tell people I play piano or I have to go to piano lessons they can't believe that I'm doing this. They are not only surprised, but somewhat envious. They usually say ‘I've always wanted to learn'. And I tell them you can!” - Belinda